International participants carry out adaptive training in Shared Destiny-2021 exercise

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Huang Panyue
2021-12-07 23:52:46
Photo by Jiao Guanghui
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By Huang Panyue, Xu Bo, Li Chen

ZHENGZHOU, Sept. 10 -- Troops from Mongolia, Pakistan and Thailand to participate in the Shared Destiny-2021 UN peacekeeping field training exercise carried out adaptive training at the exercise venue in Queshan, Henan Province on September 9.

The above three countries all have rich experiences in performing UN peacekeeping operations.

To provide comprehensive support to the foreign participating troops, the Chinese side has established a specialized support team consisting of interpreters, cooks, medical personnel, training instructors and guards.

“Multinational coordination is one of the defining features of this exercise. Proceeding on the principle of being international, professional and realistic, we set up a joint command post composed of commanders of the participating contingents from the four countries,” said Senior Colonel Li Xiaoguang, the executive directing officer of the Shared Destiny-2021 exercise.

According to the schedule of the exercise, from September 12 to 14, all the participating units will be regrouped to carry out joint and multi-subject field training on disposition of forces, organizing and commanding of peacekeeping operations, as well as operation procedures based on their mission functions.

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